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HorseObsessed Rating
???OMG!!!??? So Good!!!??? It's a bit of a tearjerker & a story type I've never read before. ???This is one of the best Harlequins I've ever read!!!???You need to read this one!!!???
gerald2019 Rating
Loved this one! It was really sweet - I didn't expect the twist at the end but it almost made me cry! Definitely recommend!
Weeb4Life Rating
Slow burn focused more on family bonding between the leads and Isabella than on romance. Jack may be a ruthless, stubborn workaholic, but he cares deeply for his adopted niece (whom he calls Baby Belle) and always puts her first, willing to do anything for her. We get his POV exclusively, to hide the big reveal and to keep Annalise's thoughts and emotions a mystery. She's calm, mature and initially walks all over Jack to get her way in helping Isabella, so she seems like the perfect match for him. There's ample bonding between everyone before we get to the arranged marriage part (and both sides are unfailingly respectful to each other throughout), so the romance was well developed. But then a big secret gets revealed and Annalise's character gets destroyed by her becoming painfully passive, a doormat who lets others walk all over her and who won't even TRY to fight for what she wants, made all the worse by how strong she was before then. So great story until that last third.
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