User Reviews For: Love Pours out Behind Locked Doors -A Confined Body Will Tell the Truth-


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Minnie689 Rating
Synopsis sounded promising but found myself doing a huge eye roll half way through. Female main character supposedly hates male character but falls into his arms the first chance encounter? No thoughts of "oh wait I'm supposed to not like this guy", no resistance from her or slow winning over of her character by male lead? She doesn't act her age at all, more like a naive shojo character than n almost 30 yr old woman...If your looking for an easy female lead this may be your story. Only got throught 1st chapter and previewed 2nd and couldn't bring myself to spend the $1 for it.
Capitulate Rating
Like the initial summary states, the heroine isn't being honest with herself. Her hate really just = annoyance with the fact that she's actually kind of fond of this her young coworker that she's trying to view as a rival. If you like sweet, persuasive guys and only mildly ambivalent heroines than you'll like this. If you're looking for the type of story where the action starts off being somewhat non consensual this isn't right for you.
DarthKristinous Rating
It was a sweet and light read. Not heavy on the story but sometimes a short read with a happy ending is all you need.
Weeb4Life Rating
Perfect for when you want something short and fluffy with nice smut and a happy ending. The FL is in a slump, work's going poorly and her bf of 5 years just dumped her, so she's very insecure and jealous of the ML, a young, handsome, popular and successful hotshot who she views as her rival (girl's definitely more tsun than dere). She's also terrified of dark, cramped spaces so getting stuck in an elevator with him leaves her vulnerable enough to finally accept his kindness and gentleness and give in to his tender mercies. But both leads really need to learn to use their big words, they're both kinda childish (everyone in this manga is!) but they clearly care about each other, so it's easy enough to root for them.
Viscaria Rating
The female lead was trapped with the male lead in the elevator. She has a phobia of dark and closed space, which is why she was weak against the male lead. I gave it a 4 stars since the rating got ruin and the story isn't that bad bad. It's super light read with some story then just smexy.
PinkRogue Rating
This is light, hearty and fun to read. The art is good. The characters are all cute. There's a story that's easy to follow. The sex is straightforward with a little dominance from the male character.
pElangi8954 Rating
Owh, so nice
MonsterLove01 Rating
Very interesting
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