User Reviews For: The Hottie Next Door Treats Me Like a Dog -Lovey-Dovey Puppy Love-


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rennie Rating
So good!!! The title is a little long but everything else is AMAZING
mieikaz Rating
I love this story! I wish it has been more than 2 chapters.
BiliBili Rating
I love this! They are so cute.
Kazz Rating
I love this... Some might not like the dubcon part at the beginning but I'm fine with it. This is a good story. I just wish it comes with more chaps!
medioxre Rating
This title is sooo good, great value aswell!
ShiinaMH Rating
The mystery of the first meeting..
yukixyuri13 Rating
I love how fast this story is. And how sweet they both are to each other. I wonder what will happen now. Good job
SakuraDgreat Rating
A sweet story indeed. A short one, but really conveys both of the characters' feelings. Moreover, a clean freak really suite the clumsy type couple.
LMonster2 Rating
This was such an AMAZING series! It was so cute how the developed between the two. Wish it was more than just two chapters.
Angi Rating
I did not like this one. It could have been much better if it would have been longer. The story was nothing new and super predictabile and felt way too rushed. I know these kind of manga are there for it's smut factor but even this felt so ridiculous. He is ok with being touched for some food. WTH! I know these are often ridiculous, especially in the beginning but there is many that will get better over time this one however did'nt get better, which might also be because it is so freakin' short and there wasn't much time to tell the story of those two. The only good thing about this were the drawings. I really loved the drawings, very beautiful.
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