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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This was good!! Very interesting characters and storyline. The art was pretty nice too. Very interesting way that the two main leads started their secret relationship. Loved how Atsushi (not sure I spelled that right) couldn't get Mizuki out of his head and was trying to figure out the whole time if it was just curiosity or love. Since he had always avoided serious matters of the heart. Had a bitter sweet vibe for a while, but it definitely has a nice HEA and the extra story was cute as well.
Gengen1521 Rating
This story was actually well paced for the advancement of the main couples relationship like it started as a kinda Dom and Sub. And more towards developing real feelings I do wish that there was more interaction with the main guys family and it talked more about the lives of the two but for a one shot it was pretty good
beingevil Rating
I hesitated to buy this Volume at first because unlike other manga here, this one doesn't allow you to buy chapters and let you decide whether you want to keep going. Ultimately I succumbed for the beautiful art and am glad I did. There's a little more going on under the surface than it seems at first. Cue the emotional and plot complications. I enjoyed the journey and the resolution.
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