User Reviews For: Training the Dripping Wet Assistant [VertiComix]


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PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
So this is definitely smut. That's it. Hahaha If you're looking for sexual tension. . . Well keep searching. Man it's hard finding a really good one ;-; but in any case it has good smutty scenes, but the forceful male may not be some people's cup of tea
123456 Rating
Exciting storyline
Funkypickle Rating
This was amazing. The characters were great, the sexy scenes were great, and there was an awesome story to it that really kept me reading!! Highly recommended, along with any of Verticomix's series!
ebookrenta06m34y9gv Rating
I just started,but so far I really loving.
Asuna Rating
I love this comic, it includes good sex scenes and the development of their love.
ebookrenta0f4qdvvkg Rating
Good, sexy and beautiful
Omegalul Rating
I like that it's in full color, and the scrolling layout is awesome, but the content is def smut level. The story is pretty meh. I'm gonna check out the manga version and see if that has a bit more plot for the money.
AngelUchiha Rating
The story development is interesting and funny. Also it is cute and colorful. The assistant is very easy to connect to and she makes really cute faces. I can't stop laughing at the characters interaction.
Nestorx3 Rating
I like the characters and the flow of the story :) the art is also really good. I look forward to the next chapter.
nikolai Rating
The first 5 chapters don't have detailed smut scenes but I'm hoping that there will be more. The price is just right for the length of each chapter and the romance is just beginning. There isn't anything solid yet. The guy is also very dominant which is a turn on but he isn't as too hot as other alpha men. I hope it gets better and better.