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ebookrenta0rhrsxzgq Rating
What a sly guy, I'm loving it
thursdayrain Rating
This series is cute and heartwarming, Yuuki and Nao's relationship is actually really fun and sweet. There also happens to be hot sex scenes. Overall the art is very well done and appealing.
pinkapacla Rating
It's fun manga like all works of Mitsuru Wakana. Drawings are nice, overall athmosphere is cute and fluffy, but it doesn't cross the boundary of becoming saccharine.Oh, and I'm not big on verticomix, but this has to do since I can't buy normal version permanently.
Capitulate Rating
So far the male protags in the stories I've read by this author have all been pretty adorable. Yuuki is no exception. He's kind, supportive, and wears his heart on his sleeve. Nao makes a cool heroine. She's mostly realistic in her outlook on life and determined about her plans for a career. I love their dynamic. this series was kinda steeply priced in the other format, but this way it's a super good value totally worth the points.
enyull Rating
I'm not very good at reviews but I can certainly say that this manga is worth it! Very cheap and very cute! I love Yuuki, he's so lovable with an even more lovable and relatable Nao.
mistydaycat Rating
Okay so the story started out really cute and fluffy. And then it went 0-100 but not in a bad way, OMG! It's what friends do when they have a little TOO much chemistry, you know?
Miumieu Rating
Yuki really cute and sometume he so sexy, i really like love of yuki and Nao, they so fun, cute and really happy
Guest Rating
Really reeeaaaallly cute couple, and lots of sexual tension. Main protagonist is a stern virgin whose walls get broken down by the adorable love interest, whom falls head over heels in love with her and cant stop wanting to f*** her. Its my fav.
Yeyo101 Rating
Really good!
Izbsnq Rating
Vert good !
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