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AinoKusabi Rating
This story is cliche to the max, with childhood friends who reunite, but it is also wonderful to the max. Some stories can be told over and over again, and this is one of them. Mathew and Kara supported one another when they were growing up only to be separated. Then, thanks to Sally's adoptive mother's dating company, they're reunited. The art is very pretty, and the characters are endearing.
Majala Rating
Really sweet watching two childhood friend grow apart and then reunite - a little cliche but sweet nonetheless
Weeb4Life Rating
The plot is clich辿 but it's a classic, childhood friends-turned-lovers, and the classics become clich辿s for a reason. What imo let it down, and what left a bitter taste, was the flat, one-dimensional leads. Kara has exactly 2 traits: she loves her adoptive mother Sally and she loves Matthew. That's really all there is to her, she doesn't grow, she doesn't change, AT ALL, and she's far too obsessed and forgiving of Matthew. And for his part, Matthew barely has any personality to speak of, he's made purely out of tropes and stereotypes: playboy, arrogant jerk, neglected child who doesn't believe in love etc. I honestly struggle to come up with anything positive to say about him, because if you don't like those tropes then you don't like him, since he's nothing beyond them. So in short, good story and art wasted on terrible, poorly developed characters.
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