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sdab Rating
Some of the stories in this collection are good, some are okay, and some just aren't. The art is good, nothing amazing, but consistent & is easy on the eyes. I didn't really care for The Animals in Love (C1-2 + extra). The yankee who likes cute things has been done before, and better. Even with two chapters, there isn't much to this story. I think there should have been less focus on the smut and more on the fluff.Internal Scale & The Heart's Paradigm Shift (C3-4, same couple) was cute, with a nice balance of fluff, angst and smut. I'm Weird But Please Love Me (C5) involves a salaryman and a somewhat psychotic maintenance man. I liked this, but I wish it was more twisted. If you're going to go there, go big or go home. I do love a really good stalker BL story. And this was just average for me... but a good attempt for a one chapter story.
kleepart Rating
The stories were fun, the art was great. None were terribly deep since they're rather short, but the smut was fantastic. Hitting all good points for me.
HereWeGoAgain Rating
I liked the first and second couple's stories, but the third, "I'm Weird But Please Love Me" was a bit unsettling - there's some gaslighting, stalking, etc. Not my thing, but it might be yours. The first two couples have none of that, just friends realizing feelings for each other and having hot sex.
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