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Saila Rating
I was pleasently surprised at how much I liked this story. A majority of the story takes place in the past, but it does a good job of showcasing how much the leads needed each other when they were teens and how much of an impact they had on each other's lives.
Illusionl Rating
It's okay. I've always been a fan of jumping from past to present to tell a story. My issue is that I feel there's not enough context to support the ending. I understand that it can be insinuated but I just felt the story had a lot more potential and could have been longer giving the story more relatable feelings.
Nyanko Rating
To quote Adele, "Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead." This story is about two teens who begin a romance at a time when they are struggling with issues of loss and loneliness, and they offer each other an escape from the complicated situations they are going through. Their connection may be love, but it's hard to untangle as life circumstances pull them apart. A chance (?) meeting years later gives them an opportunity to examine their feelings after they've matured. As usual, this author shows nuance in her depictions of love, far beyond the one dimensional characters and tropes that flood the genre. The clean, expressive lines of her art effectively highlight the characters' growth from teen to adult, and it's difficult not to empathize with them. Sometimes you get another chance in love.
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