User Reviews For: You're Gonna Have to Beg for It -After Hours with My Teasing Teacher-


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Malice Rating
Honestly, I adore Mr. Nakashima. His character design, his personality, his sly glances, his little quirks: All of it is pretty addicting for me. He's domineering, rough, and a little bit cruel. It's not for everyone, but that's my thing.The female lead, Saori, resists him a little bit, but, honestly, she is just as enchanted--when he's not being an ass, of course, which isn't often. Watching them attempt to hide their sexual relationship in school is entertaining, and it quickly becomes clear that Mr. Nakashima is quite possessive of Saori.As of now, a new player has entered the field, so I'm extremely eager to buy the next (fifth) volume and see how he reacts to this competition. I'm following this series with rapt attention!
Yas3737 Rating
Can't wait for the next one! Very spicy.
Yahiko03 Rating
I love it ! Can't wait to see what's to come
kappnem Rating
Jumps to sexual stuff too fast- really unrealistic and this kind of relationship between the two isnt something I like seeing in shoujo, shes so weak as a lead. I regret buying this chapter
luxmirabilis Rating
I like how our protagonist doesn't let her life revolve around her relationship with her teacher. She has goals, family, friends, personality. Can't wait for the next chapter.
TrinaCasey Rating
This is shaping up to be a long story. The characters are realistic and while some of its cheesy over all it's worth the points and the read!
MissAndy Rating
It's okay. I like the student x teacher relationship, but it's not the best. Still a good read though.
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