User Reviews For: My Boyfriend's a Love-Zombie -The Pleasure Won't Stop!-


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Noodlebat Rating
Great story and super art. Three stars cause it seems very unfinished. Like so much is left totally unresolved. Which is a shame.
Zeet Rating
OMG.. I love this manga.. they are so sweet..
Gypsiewitch Rating
Super sweet and cute. A fast read, well drawn, with a good story, and good sexy scenes. Worth the money for sure.
ebookrenta0a9zqtxo4 Rating
I want to read more is it really done? Great plot though I do wonder aboht the ending because it leaves a huge plot hole. Enjoyable but don't think too much on it
S8362365 Rating
Very romantic! I loved this series! I do wish to know what will happen to soichiro.
cfang Rating
While the artwork and sex scenes are great, this story really wrenched my heart. It's both sweet and sad. Good ending though.
sadako Rating
nice story but I hoped the story end better though
jessiele Rating
It's a beautiful short story. Very cute and it ends at the right time even though I felt it was too short. Want longer story. Female lead is very straightforward, she wanna be with him that's why she held him back. She always know what she want, my type of women, strong and independent. I found the male lead is very cute and naive since he has not been interacted with modern world, but he did his best to be with his love one. 5 star for this beautiful story and art is stunning.
serenenight Rating
love the artwork and the couple is so cute!! can't wait for more volumes to be released!
Skybeat8 Rating
Such a cute and fluffy manga, would recommend!!
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