User Reviews For: If We're Gonna Do It, Use the Daddy Hole


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ebookrenta0m5jcuaop Rating
Sooooooo freaking awesome, I literally could not stop reading it.
Nicoletta Rating
Wow, this was such a wonderful surprise! I liked how their relationship evolved to include romantic love and sex, but while not forgetting the bond they forged while Akito was growing up and Yuichiro raised him. Someone would think this resembles incest too much, but in my opinion the author was very good in handling the subject: the fact that the pursuer is the 'son' removes the disturbing element that is often linked to incest, the idea that the younger partner is taken advantage of. In this manga, if anyone is being taken advantage of, it's definitely Yuichiro, who doesn't seem to understand what is happening for the first part of the story (which is hilarious).The art is very good and the sex scenes very hot, so this manga is definitely recommended!
SnowRaven Rating
Quaryelle Rating
Very interesting, one of my favorite types of pairings.
Kieran4 Rating
Was fun to read~
Lurociluna Rating
It's so funny! I love it!
Kasu Rating
It's a pretty fun manga but it's too bad I feel the dad is a little to easy to be duped.
beauty Rating
Really great read
diesirae13 Rating
Nooooo! The series is over! I loved it so much!
Hunter97 Rating
This isn't usually what I go for at all, but it's fun and deffinently sexy.
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