User Reviews For: The Arrogant Prince and the Day Before our Honeymoon [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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fionav3 Rating
It's a shame that this was the final volume in the series, as I really enjoyed all three books. The characters were fun, the plot was solid and the art was lovely. Well worth reading.
HorseObsessed Rating
Out of the three Series on the Kurehashi brothers (including Dr. Tomioka) this one is my favorite. Great story, great artwork. In the Afterward of the first book the author mentions another story centering on Prince's Muzaffarid & his younger brother, Asif "Our Kingdom: Arabian Nights" by another publisher, I'd love to read that one too. I hope Renta can pick it up.
eyms13 Rating
If you've read my reviews of the previous volumes featuring this couple, there's little doubt that I absolutely adore them and the third volume doesn't disappoint! Prince Muzaffarid is even hotter here and Akito's just super adorable. I love the dynamics between the two and their story tugs at heartstrings without heavy angst and still spiced with comedic moments as well. Their relationship progresses further here but, have to be honest, I was hoping a bit more considering it seems to be the last volume. I do hope Sensei would do a continuation since potential story lines to explore are endless. Plus, I've read and reread the first two volumes around 5 times and no doubt will do the same with this one (yes, it's the kind of manga you can read over and over again) but still can't get enough!
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