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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Whoa this escalated pretty quickly lol!!! The art is great, very clean and stylish. The story is pretty interesting too. Paparazzo who hates his job and the squeaky clean pop star that is anything but behind closed doors. And the real kicker here is that they both went to high school together. Back then their roles were reversed, so now the dynamics have changed. I can't wait to see what happens next. Is this going to be a sweet unrequited love story or something more depraved?
MioAkiyama Rating
The plot is amazingly good you be thinking that the first two chapters are all it is and how the character's attitude towards things, until you continue reading on the plot gets better and even better. You feel satisfaction after reading it finish to only be left wanting more. 5/5 for spiciness10/10 for story plotI highly recommend it !
Glaodia Rating
It was a cute story, I liked it
Numberaeht Rating
This is so good and cute. A good read without much complex drama. I loved it so much that how I wished there were extras or a sequel, hopefully.
tickeldpink Rating
Bought it now that it's finished and it is awesome! Great art, sexy smut, and sweet characters. A very satisfying read.
saynerd Rating
Five chapters in now and I have found that this is the title I am searching for every week. It sucked me in more than I thought it ever would. The story is cute, the art is great, and it certainly escalated quickly... xD Highly recommended! 10/10!
trainerkelly Rating
This story is SOOO good so far. I didn't quite know what to expect going into it, but I enjoy what I see so far. I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter! I'm really curious on where their relationship is going. It seems like it'll be pretty loving in the end. Chapter 3 (the last chapter released so far as of writing this review) was pretty cute.
Boyfriend Rating
Based of the first 2 volumes I'm enjoying it a lot so far! There's a good amount of engaging "mystery" to both lead characters. The smut is really good too! Definitely worth the purchase if you like a celeb/idol-centric story!
lostgubbins Rating
when the other review says it escalates quickly, it *escalates quickly*. cute story tbough! worth the read.
Chiwi Rating
At first I was taken aback by the plot and the way things were going fast, but it turned to be such a nice story in the end. It had really good 18 scenes, but it wasnt all about sex, which was my main concern about it at first. The plot tchickens as it goes and ends up being something more complicated that it seemed, which I personally loved, making the two protagonists grow up with it.
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