User Reviews For: Undressed by My Boss Tonight


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Aggie33 Rating
I agree with the male lead that the female lead is inspiring with her working attitude. I also like the male lead's dedication to work. The ending was a nice touch to the whole story.
nothanks Rating
I started off enjoying the premise and I'm kinda curious about what happens next, but it's also somewhat boring, everyone keeps bullying the main female character, she's got absolutely no spine and the male main character is completely flat and devoid of personality. Unless it becomes more interesting later on, I probably wouldn't bother picking this up if you haven't already.
BlackDove03 Rating
This story was amazing and really attention grabbing; I liked the overall development I hopped for a few pages at the end of chapter 5. But that's just me.
mekamdan Rating
I wouldn't really recommend. Too clich棚 and rushed. The art is really nice, but idk, it has a soap opera vibe
Yahiko03 Rating
Wow, a waste of 3 chapters. This is not worth reading
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