User Reviews For: The Guy I Fell for Is a Wild Beast! -An Arrogant Punk Meets His Match-


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anoeticduckling Rating
I love this kind of bad boy with a good heart and a good boy with an (unhealthy) obsession. Gets me every time. Love it.
Lilmonster Rating
It's a cute story, and the characters have some great potential, I hope they build more as the novel is released
Thenameislynn Rating
Typical misunderstood bad boy and the school prince. Story's pretty cliche. But I love this trope. So I enjoyed it alot~
Thecakeisakitten101 Rating
It's your classic scary looking guy is actually a big softie and the "good" guy is actually kinda scary. Aside from that it's really sweet and adorable.
Overdressed Rating
Sexy and sweet. And the story is also very good!
spiderlover034 Rating
Very good and sexy. Worth the points. 10/10 would recommend.
pretear15 Rating
Its pretty cute. Kind of comical, I like the art style. Would recommend for sure.
badgirlluv77 Rating
Funny story about a stalker who gets quite a shock. Love the story plot and art. Can't wait until the next chapter.
mariais28 Rating
Love it love it , it's soo hot an sexy was worth the money an worth all 5 stars
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