User Reviews For: The Guy I Fell for Is a Wild Beast! -An Arrogant Punk Meets His Match-


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anoeticduckling Rating
I love this kind of bad boy with a good heart and a good boy with an (unhealthy) obsession. Gets me every time. Love it.
Lilmonster Rating
It's a cute story, and the characters have some great potential, I hope they build more as the novel is released
Thenameislynn Rating
Typical misunderstood bad boy and the school prince. Story's pretty cliche. But I love this trope. So I enjoyed it alot~
spiderlover034 Rating
Very good and sexy. Worth the points. 10/10 would recommend.
pretear15 Rating
Its pretty cute. Kind of comical, I like the art style. Would recommend for sure.
badgirlluv77 Rating
Funny story about a stalker who gets quite a shock. Love the story plot and art. Can't wait until the next chapter.
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