User Reviews For: Mr. Katakura's Dirty Little Secret


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aristar Rating
Just based on chapter one, I love it! I love the art style, and I'm looking forward to how the story continues.
Tanukilk Rating
This is gonna be really cute~
dongtheggplant Rating
I definitely recommend, characters develop nicely and it's cute overall. Also has a very cute bonus between the second couple. You'd never expect that those two would get together.
BookLuvr24 Rating
A sweet story with beautiful artwork!
Krautchan Rating
This one has a cute art style and I like the switch the main does between innocent Kindergarten teacher at work and Tinderoni at night.
nonarygamed Rating
So cute! Not as sexual as I expected, but the cute characters drew me in.
saynerd Rating
I really look forward to this one every week, and I genuinely hope it is leading somewhere as cute as I think it is~
mizore Rating
Awwww was originally pissed at how wishy washy is the uncle kei, and then I crieeeeeeeed when Kei told Katakura that he doesn't see Kei, the real Kei because of his traumatic experience with straight men. Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu I LOVE THE ENDING.and the last chapter is a nice suprise lmaoooo
MochiPandaP Rating
Omg!!!! It's so cute, it's great to see how their relationship grows and how they get over the hurdles and it makes the audience want to scream at the screen while you're reading it. Definitely recommend if your looking for a great read with a decent plot and steamy great art~~~
selle1 Rating
Read a few chapter so far and it's looking good
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