User Reviews For: Mr. Katakura's Dirty Little Secret


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aristar Rating
Just based on chapter one, I love it! I love the art style, and I'm looking forward to how the story continues.
Tanukilk Rating
This is gonna be really cute~
dongtheggplant Rating
I definitely recommend, characters develop nicely and it's cute overall. Also has a very cute bonus between the second couple. You'd never expect that those two would get together.
BookLuvr24 Rating
A sweet story with beautiful artwork!
Krautchan Rating
This one has a cute art style and I like the switch the main does between innocent Kindergarten teacher at work and Tinderoni at night.
nonarygamed Rating
So cute! Not as sexual as I expected, but the cute characters drew me in.
saynerd Rating
I really look forward to this one every week, and I genuinely hope it is leading somewhere as cute as I think it is~
fionav3 Rating
Very cute manga, and nice art too. I didn't read the final volume because I wasn't invested in the second couple (from the sneak peek, it looked annoying) so I can't comment on what that's like.
MariMiau25 Rating
I love it!!! The art it's superb and the story it's cute, funny and hot!! :3
xenomdoll5 Rating
Love the art style and the story!
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