User Reviews For: The Yakuza Teacher's Pet! -The Gangster Student Is So Cruel!!!-


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yserieh Rating
Art is solid, but not the greatest. The plot is short, but kinky. If you like school and Yakuza themes, you might like this title. Story is kind of short, especially with the second part ending on a more open note.
Lovelyone Rating
Just. Awful.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is kinda cute, kinda funny too. The art is ok. Again miscommunication is the reason this story gets going and not until the very end do things come to light. Gonna be curious to see how Mr. Sakura handles his impromptu capture of the leading lady and who Fuji is in all of this. Pretty good.
HorseObsessed Rating
??I like this story a lot better than the previous 2 volume Yakuza story I just read, though it could have gone a little deeper into the story between Ume & Sakura-San. Does he love her? Do they get married, & have kids? Or just end it on the marriage part, we can guess about the kids.???
Jenangelx3 Rating
Eh it's fun. The art is rather crude and Im not a fan of how the male lead is drawn, but it's got its hot moments too
cfang Rating
Storyline is quick but lots of hot scenes. Artwork is pretty good too.
PrincessPan83 Rating
Interesting first chapter but it definitely leaves you hanging. I am hoping the next chapter gives you a little more plot.
shadowcat7 Rating
The story is interesting and the art is nice , as always the yakuza storys are the best
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