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emiller Rating
5* cute fun lots of smutty goodness again depends of ur liking but I cant wait for the next one worth every token !
Asthi Rating
It's really awesome! I love stories where the characters are in tune with their sexuality and love to live it out! It also helps that I'm a sucker for threesomes... So buy it, read it, love it!
Lovely Rating
Really fun! The sex scenes are super hot, the characters are all distinct and likable, and the pace of events and action are nice and snappy.
Ser0216 Rating
NOOOoooooo!! I don't want Aya and Ryo to get hurt! Give them the home and love they desire dammit!!
Crookshanks25 Rating
I was drawn in by the threesome premise. It's not something you see often but I enjoy reading. A real relationship with three people instead of a one off orgy. The sex scenes aren't the best but they're good. That's the only thing going for it though. The story isn't well written. The dialogue is weird, the characters don't feel like real people and the story is absurd. I really wanted to like it cause the premise is great! You can definitely have a loving, sexual relationship between three people but this manga hasn't captured it.
SnT2k Rating
One of the hotter smut I've read. A threesome couple with one that's a verse.
aine Rating
this manga is the reason i started giving renta my money its so goodthank you for the food
Sidenote Rating
The pace is a little fast but everything else is on point. Gives you everything you're looking for in this genre.
Chenaultj Rating
This story is so unique and wholesome. It's super smutty and kinky, but it definitely doesn't lack any story. I laughed and cried through the story. The m辿nage works so perfectly together. There's no competition which sometimes ruins the feel of a m辿nage. Highly recommend.
ShojuOtaku Rating
Just read the last book of the series and I can say it has a subtle backstory that's explained here and how has everyone still misses each other in spite of the way they parted. It's not a pure HEA (happily ever after) but everyone gets to be with who they wanted and that's the idea. Steamy sex, of course, does count if you are fan of threesomes.Will only purchase purely for the sex scene and Ai's character growth.
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