User Reviews For: I Wanna Die Before I'm 30


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emiller Rating
5* cute fun lots of smutty goodness again depends of ur liking but I cant wait for the next one worth every token !
Asthi Rating
It's really awesome! I love stories where the characters are in tune with their sexuality and love to live it out! It also helps that I'm a sucker for threesomes... So buy it, read it, love it!
Lovely Rating
Really fun! The sex scenes are super hot, the characters are all distinct and likable, and the pace of events and action are nice and snappy.
Ser0216 Rating
NOOOoooooo!! I don't want Aya and Ryo to get hurt! Give them the home and love they desire dammit!!
JadeTiger Rating
So weird~ But still I absolutely adore it! No buyers remorse on my part XD
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