User Reviews For: My Older Brother Has Super Sensitive Nips!? -His Sensitive Spot is Peeking Out-


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Honey98 Rating
I loved this story. As a fan of nipple play I can say that I was very happy with the sex scenes that played out. I just can't get enough of the older brother and his expressions. I gotta say that this is one I'll reread.
AngryKoala Rating
I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys nipple play. Story wise it's just okay but the art, character designs, and the sex scenes is where it's at. It's a fun read!
Usagi9 Rating
The younger brother is a little sadistic, but at least he knew that he overdid it. Also the nipple play and sex scenes were super erotic.
angelfeathers Rating
Sadistic top with a bottom who imo pretty clearly starts off as an M instead of just being treated like one and putting up with it the whole story. This story is verrry dubcon toeing the noncon line to start with the way the younger one bullies his adopted bro, and there's no talking about their relationship till the very end as an fyi. If you can read that, this story has nice art and I did like some of the play they got into later on.
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