User Reviews For: After My Boss Takes off His Suit -A Gentle Kind of Loving-


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tari Rating
It's good. Usually I stop reading by chapter 1 or 2 because by then MC and Love-Interest have achieved their goals. This is a little different, it seems. Only on ch. 1 so we'll see.
tasamiamy Rating
It's ok. Felt a bit rushed. Perfect man and clueless heroine. I would read it again
sawada7 Rating
The storyline is OK and cute. It's just that the smiley face of the MC kinda creeping me out maybe because the way it was drawn hahaha.
BRY2468 Rating
I really love this story you can just feel the love in it a really good read
Atilollipop Rating
This was a cute read
Kalia1234 Rating
Love it please more!!!!!!!!!
Yahiko03 Rating
im having mix feelings. I hope it picks up on the next chapter. It may have some potential but not sure
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