User Reviews For: Struck with Desire [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Mouse Rating
Fantastic if you enjoy a smaller seme topping a smaller uke. But I feel like that's ALL you find on this site, and I'm sick of it. If the smaller one had been the bottom, I'd be all for this. But I'm overwhelmed with smaller tops at the moment.
perplexedking Rating
I love it when a someone regardless of their physical strength can be dominated because that's what they likes. Theres something about them giving themselves like that that's so damn hot and as a tiny thing myself watching someone small be in command just agjsbsjs. Relate. And besides that I love how the characters where exploring these feelings with each other. Testing and finding the boundaries with each other without it ever getting truly out of hand. That's what relationships are about working on things together and owning up to your mistakes. This was sexy and spicy but also heart warming and adorable! Loved it so much, need a physical copy like today. This belongs on my bookshelves man. Worth the read! Plus the comedic parts were great too XD
Guev0127 Rating
Love the role reversal along with the amazing artwork this manga really grabs a hold of you to the point you wish it'd never end
nekovivi Rating
Perfect mix of cutesy and hawtness. I hope they add more of Kazuhiko Mishima's manga on here.
AliceUndrground Rating
Kinky and wholesome, A+
Rosemarie77 Rating
*in my Oliver Twist voice* may I have some more! Ugh this was EVERYTHING! Urk-like-seme drive me insane! Everything by this sensei is Gold because she draws the little guy straight dominating. Just yummy!
Kuktamargaret7 Rating
I really like this comic it is vary cute, adorable, and funny at time's. Just like the time on the train that was a little funny an also embarrassing but really cute too. Oh an i did not expect him to be the "0" you know what i mean, but expected as much. Sooooooo cute....
Otaku kitten Rating
Cute & fluffy with a couple laughs plot wasn't to deep but was still quite enjoyable. Art was also pleasing to look at.
Jean66 Rating
Very interesting manga from start to finish. Not disappointed at all.
jiminnie Rating
i am simply in love with this manga! i have read it more than ten times and I would love it if there were more chapters.
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