User Reviews For: NC-17 Boys Playing a Girls' Game -Huh!? I'm the Bottom!?-


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theakaneko Rating
This is a bunch of crazy for sure, but very enjoyable. The title is kind of misleading - they end up playing a game where the two are hoping to win over MC's heart through a romance sim. The art is nice, all the characters have personality... ending could be a little confusing and I want more (sequal?)
SilverDragon1211 Rating
Fantastic! So much fun to read
janganca Rating
Too hurry. The plot need more detailed.
LMonster2 Rating
I really liked this story. I hope there is more to it since I feel like I need more than just the one chapter. It was a funny and silly situation and a nice twist ending though.
ulex321 Rating
This manga was very interesting to read wish there was more to it.
Snow27 Rating
It's a good story
mmason Rating
Fun story. It's very cute, but I'm glad I only rented it. It's not something I would read over and over
Darkdolly6195 Rating
The main's reactions to situations were very amusing. In the end, a very interesting twist on a mildly cliche trope! Gouchisousama!
fionav3 Rating
Absolutely ridiculous, this made zero sense even for a BL. The only reason I even gave this a star was because the art was nice.
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