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neha200 Rating
Not going to lie, that was really cute. From the preview and summary I thought the boss was just going to be some shallow guy who falls in love with her once she loses weight but he surprised me. He actually likes her for genuine reasons and even gets jealous. Also, Eric and Anna were a nice touch to this story. This was definitely one of the better harlequins I've read especially since it didn't have the usual pathetic female lead falling for the usual misogynist male.
Weeb4Life Rating
I concur, the ending was excellent and made me see the entire story in a new, warmer, brighter light. This is a definite must read, the characters are all well developed and interesting, and every one of them becomes a better person by the end, and in a very natural and believable way. I love how the lead girl improved herself both inside and out for her own benefit, not for the guy's, and how (slight spoilers) the lead man didn't fall for her for her looks at all! But my favourite part was actually the developing relationship between the two "rivals". It was especially amazing seeing just how much love, and also lost love, can change a person, it made me more invested in their romance than the leads', lol! Definitely put a smile on my face and gave me the warm fuzzies, so I can't recommend this manga enough, especially if you like an incredibly feel-good ending.
PeachRenta Rating
To Harlequin lovers/readers,Don't let this one pass! You'll love the ending
Simm Rating
So cute! And I love that their love isn't based on appearances, but the overall person :) It's so sweet
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