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Mrsmangame123 Rating
So cute!!!! Loved the main couple!! I really love stories where the protagonist always thinks the alpha guy hated him back in the day when in actuality he really liked him instead. So cute!! Art is great and the other stories are unrelated but a nice compliment to the story overall. Worth the $ imo.
CelestialBloom Rating
Very cute, good storyline and art
fionav3 Rating
I would have given the first, main story four stars as it was super cute, but the last two, shorter stories were so boring and generic that it dropped my rating. First story is well worth a read though, as it was very cute.
KawaiiOtakuChef Rating
the main story was pretty good and well written but all the middle stories felt super duper rushed they just want to get the point across without too many details override was pretty good read
sdab Rating
This was cute, and the art was nice... the nipple complex wasn't nearly as much of a plot driver as I had hoped. I think overall, the third story, Our Relationship, was my favourite.
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