User Reviews For: The Red String of Fate


4.8 out of 5

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alnatsuhi Rating
Adorable! Absolutely loved it. Best seme
byleth Rating
It was so cute.. so so cute...
donkaraso Rating
this is one of my favorite manga, the story is so cute and the art is beautiful ? highly recommend
urara Rating
I truly enjoy reading this, so sweet and cute I love it!! I'll definitely check out more of Yoshio-sensei's works and get them from Japan, I'm loving the art and story very much~thank you!
bitchelley Rating
good plot although wish there was more
ebookrenta0x0c1v4l5 Rating
5 out of 5, it's a cute and short story that many would enjoy. I especially love the plot of the red string or fated ones.
LMonster2 Rating
This is a hilarious storyline... what is fate? Does the red string have a say or pull in a relationship? You will enjoy finding out these secrets.
Sparkles7 Rating
Very Cute,a short but good read!
Farscape1 Rating
I really enjoyed the story and the art, but I wish there was more. It felt like it just stopped.before all the story was told.
ChiefBunta Rating
This one has a beautiful story. The concept is unique, and plot is simple. It explores the powers of emotions, and what we choose to do with it. I'd say it's a very well-developed story. Wish there were more volumes.
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