User Reviews For: Finding a Spouse on a Deserted Island! -Two Beautiful and Sexy Guys... My Heart Won't Stop Racing-


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MissStelle Rating
Honestly I really love this. I like the plot of trapped with hot guys and slowly fall in love. The only negative point is the art is not so great but it's ok I still love this.
Nyanko Rating
Despite a title that made my imagination run wild, I found this story to be rather tepid. The art is average, and the story has very little tension. The characters are bland, so their relationships don't have any heat to them and by the end, I just did not care what happened to them. Given the rushed and contrived ending, it's probably better that I'd lost any expectations. I'm giving this an extra star because I liked the bathing pool. Not the bathing pool scenes, mind you, just the bathing pool - I could fantasize about that for hours. Otherwise...I didn't realize it was possible to write a love triangle on a deserted island story and make it boring. It is. The more you know!
Debonochica Rating
I have to admit I really liked this manga. I like that the relationships we were more realistic than other "triangle" or "reverse harem" stories. It's one that I would definitely read again. My only regret and it's not much of one is that I wish they elaborated the ending a bit more. I know I'm being a bit vague but I don't want to give any spoilers. ;)
Nessa Rating
I really liked the relationship between the 3 characters, the heroine may be clumsy, but she was not a deadweight when helping everyone survive on an abandoned island. The 2 guys developed a really close bond and I enjoyed reading their bro-moments. Definitely should give this manga a try for great relationship building and a decent plot about surviving on a deserted island!
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