User Reviews For: Please Marry Me Right Now -I've Gotta Get Married in the Next Three Months-


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andiekae Rating
If you want this purely for smut then it's a great, quick read! Otherwise, I wouldn't really recommend it. The story is very rushed and the cliche of it leaves it feeling pretty empty and emotionless overall in my opinion. There's not enough time to decide if you like any of the characters or care about what happens. It'll stay in my library, but only for the sexy bits lol.
AinoKusabi Rating
Not bad, but the last chapter definitely felt rushed, and unfortunately it was obvious from the start who she would end up with. It's hard to take stories like these too seriously when there's so much sex. But then that's what these stories are about, I guess. Like I said, not bad, but I would've liked more plot.
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