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rhonyekab2000 Rating
Awesome sauce,,,,
beitfamily Rating
I know we're all annoyed with the whole “BL is only irredeemable porn” thing that most people think about this genre but this is... a lot. The sex scenes are pretty hot (I love a good forceful “yandere” type) and the art is actually really nice too, but this is practically unreadable because anything that isn't the porn is completely nonsensical. Not that porn has to make sense, but whew. It's a doozy, ya'll.YMMV, of course. The porn really is hot so if you're only here for that then you've come to the right place. But..... I'm glad I bought it one chapter at a time because I definitely don't think I'll be reading past the first. Maybe I'll revisit once I get truly desperate in the future (lol)
Akashicchi Rating
First chapter already had me interested but the second chapter outdid the first! I can't wait for the next one!
ForgottenQuill Rating
Wow, now THAT is some high-quality, well-drawn erotic yaoi. Instantly addictive!
hanandduke Rating
Omg I can't wait for the next chapter!!!!
AinoKusabi Rating
I love this artist's work, and this is a great offshoot from Listen to Your Teacher. Haruki's life hits rock bottom. He's angry, frustrated and feeling the squeeze financially, but he continues to indulge Shion. I just wonder where their relationship is going to go from here??? Can't wait for the next chapter. :)
LonelyShyGirlQc Rating
Need too see mooore
SINDY0622 Rating
I liked it.
noXCIX Rating
Manga2018 Rating
I love this series. Cannot wait for more