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Guest Rating
Love the story. It is different from most of the story plot I read. I highly recommend it. I like this kind of story. The hero and heroine are so handsome and beautifully drawn. Art is excellent.
AinoKusabi Rating
British lawyer Ellie helps her Italian client Fellani get a divorce from his cheating wife. Then out of compassion, they spend a night together. Not long after, Ellie discovers she's pregnant. Being the assertive woman she is, she feels it's only right to inform Fellani that he's going to be a father. Of course, the pair face a roller coaster of emotions. The art is beautiful and quite detailed, the story cliche but still good, and both main characters have strong personalities.
Weeb4Life Rating
Wonderful story with refreshingly mature characters, gorgeous art and enjoyable, if a little clich辿, plot. Both leads are very likeable and try to do their best for each other, there's no stupid drama or unnecessary angst, just two mature, well-meaning adults who gradually grow closer and fall in love as they deal with an unexpected pregnancy. Leonizio is surprisingly the more emotional of the two, he's almost na誰ve in his belief that family should always stick together (adorable!) and tries to control everything as a way to cope with his frequent anxiety (poor boy). Ellie is rational and level-headed, without being cold or callous; she doesn't want to jump into a loveless marriage just because of a baby, because that's what caused her parents so much pain and misery, but she still agrees to spend time with and get to know Leo better since it's the right thing to do. Very believable and realistic with excellent pacing and character development. Definite must read.
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