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funbrillo Rating
I agree totally with the first reviewer. This was okay as a rental but not to buy. The first story was okay. Not great. The second story had incest and got a bit twisted. Stories with incest are a no for me. The third and fourth had a supernatural element to them but were way too short. They could have been developed more and possibly been good stories.
LetMeIn Rating
4 (or 5?) basic feel-good smut plots, not to my taste. The first uke looks too child-like and feminine to my liking, and the best part or this manga is perhaps the art. The stories had potential but ended up being trashy. The second story starts up cute but ends up in threesome and incest and is actually more twisted than it seems. Not to my taste at all but the bed scenes are well-made. I liked the fourth story though. Okay to rent I guess.
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