User Reviews For: Love in the World of Adult Videos -Private Screenings with the Boss- [VertiComix]


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Jaida Rating
I can see why it's cheap. There's a lot of filler and a lot of white space. The first and second chapters were pretty good and seemed to be picking up nicely (even if the sex was coercive and non-consensual), but the third was all filler. Nothing happens. Guaranteed you could skip it and not lose the plot.
Nyanko Rating
I'm currently 6 episodes in, and I'm not impressed with any sense of realistic behavior going on here. I find it very difficult to believe the female lead can be an adult film producer and yet be so naive/timid about sex. Seriously. It started fine, with a bit of sauciness and steam, but the female main went down the rabbit hole most women go in these stories: insecure, prudish, constantly apologetic, and skill-less. I liked her at first, but as soon as the male lead came on board, he's always right and has all the skills/biz connections. Sure, he has poor communication and empathy skills, but it's not like she shines there either. The art is average, though Verticomix makes it look better. At his point, I'm only continuing because I'm OCD and unreasonably optimistic, and the episodes are cheap.
Vampiro83 Rating
Someone is getting jealous...
itsadrya Rating
I liked it so far, but I think it was a little bit forced. Could be more natural! Hope to see it developing!
Chantevale Rating
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