User Reviews For: Hold Me Tight And Ravage Me. -The Day I Could No Longer Call Him My Brother-


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selaris Rating
Reviewing because I feel like it deserves more than 2 stars- I like the story this is based on, and I think the characters are interesting, though I do find the art to be just mediocre- its clean and all but isnt dynamic which especially impacts the H scenes.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Oh the drama!!! This is angsty as all get out. I feel bad for everyone involved. The sick sister trying to be the good older sister and rejecting Ryo. Ryo not getting the girl of his dreams. And Hana allowing herself to be used as if she's
nacin Rating
Wawwwwww, didn't expect chapter 3 ending omg!!!! This series is really good! So much angst and so intense! The art is really good too. And chapter 3 ending really turn over everything. Can't wait for next chapter
Guest Rating
Unique story line that for once makes you wonder hows it gonna end. Not as predictable as the others
kitten91 Rating
Slow start! I hope it gets better!
Yahiko03 Rating
I really don't like stories like this, because it makes me dislike the heroine !!
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