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animepie Rating
Ok. This kind of thing piques my interest. The main character is cute and the teacher is so single-minded about science that he just does whatever he wants to her and I love it. I need a second chapter to see how their relationship will develop into something more.
andiekae Rating
I'm not usually too into the teacher-student stuff because of the power imbalance but this one has a unique plot that makes it palatable. The art is a tad cutesy for me but it's entertaining enough and got me curious where it's headed. Can't wait for the next one!
LadyRiyu Rating
This is a fun and interesting story!
Winter1900 Rating
Love it! Cant wait for chapter 2!
Risuna Rating
Only read the first chapter & I love the heroine, I'm intrigued with the teacher but so far I feel like he's lacking depth to his character. Very curious to see where this goes.
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