User Reviews For: He's Way Too Serious, But I Can't Resist Him! -I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life with You.-


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Capitulate Rating
I love this. The art isn't top-notch, but I don't mind at all. I like the humor in this. It's steamy enough and the characters are great. The heroine Haruko is a little immature, but not flaky/silly. She's cute, but relateable. She's a good friend, and I really like her conscious positivity and awareness of her own shortcomings. The male protag Zenji is my jam. He's diligent, intelligent, forthright, respectful, and resolute with a strong desire to please the heroine in all sorts of ways and a ridiculous six pack to boot. In other words, he's pretty much perfect and I ain't mad at it. As fun as it sometimes is to read stories about byronic womanizers and churlish, woman weary misanthropes transforming into loving, tender, devoted, fantasy bf/husband material, I really dig it when an author just goes there and gives me a guy like Zenji who's only significant flaws are that he doesn't exist and isn't my man.
PeachRenta Rating
This is a rom-com. He really is way too serious! Lol. Give this a shot if you want some giggles
FlauntingDante Rating
I thought this first volume of this manga was a very solid start and I enjoyed reading it a lot. The characters seem mature and I really like the female lead for being such a relatable woman. The way the male lead is so serious, almost comically is a great hook (to me personally) for the manga. I'm excited to read more.
ebookrenta0ouvtcv8j Rating
I liked this volume but I wish they'd keep writing about the original couple- I love them the most!
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