User Reviews For: 30, Chaste, and Chased (by a Younger Guy!)


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hapahappy Rating
I don't really post reviews BUT I think that this deserves more attention than it's getting! For 3 chapters the story isn't bad at all. It's funny too! The intimate scenes are a little bit short compared to others however it makes up for that in sexiness. It's not overly romantic and the characters are enjoyable. The female MC isn't much of a push over compared to other ones. Even though the male MC does come off as a jerk there is chemistry between the two. It's much like an opposites attract situation. It's totally worth a read!
StephieJay Rating
Ok, so I really liked this series! It's short (which is why only 4 stars), but I found it really funny! I like how the ML is kind of a jerk but really cares, and becomes so possessive of the FL. But I'm a fan of an aggressive ML. This is the typical "inexperienced FL getting caught up in an aggressive ML's advances". But I will say that she does hold her own against him, but she also can't deny the carnal craving! Lol! Also, I don't think he's a real jerk, he's just blunt and over the whole "prince charming" guy thing. I can see how some wouldn't like this, but I really enjoyed it!! Plus, I can SO relate to being manga obsessed and infatuated with 2D manga men!! Lol! That was the best part of this!
peichi Rating
Two-faced ML manipulates the FL into sleeping with him in the first chapter. He's an asshole and a creep who thinks her virginity is a huge turn on. I assumed based on the title that the ML would actually chase after the FL and fall in love with her right away. But no, he just wants to have sex, I don't get the impression he cares with who and she's the easiest target at the mixer. Of course she's dumb and weak too and immediately follows him to a hotel just because he's a little nice to her. I'd recommend skipping this one.
HishamXNadzra Rating
Ahahahaaa. Mygaaaaawd! This manga is soooo funny that i cant stop laughing im sooooo relaaaaaaaaate. Hahaha i wish it has moooore chapters the story is really good less scenes hahaaha. I love it deserved a 5star for me promise hahaa thanks renta for bringing such amazing manga stay safe guys ;)
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