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OMG! How cute was this story??! First, I looove how this was an omega/beta love story. Alpha/omega pairs are good, but this felt even better?! They are so evenly matched and it was such a feel good story! Seecond, the art was great and even though it wasn't long, it was satisfying. Altho I am with the other reviewer that wished for at least a bonus or extra chapter of them as adults. Even so, that little epilogue was THE BEST! Don't hesitate! Buy this series!
Ok, so this is not what I was expecting, but for the first volume I'm hooked! It's too funny!! In the synopsis it says a "depraved human and a pushy vampire" but it's more like a pushover of a vampire! Lol! He's such a sucker for Hajime's blood that he goes along with everything and it's hilarious! We'll see how their dynamic progresses, but so far I love it!
This was so cute!!! ....And HOT! I wish there was more, though! The pace was really fast, and it ended very quickly, but the art is great and the story is HOT!!! WHEW!!! This is steamy! This series kind of reminds me of one of those sexy scenes where the couple gets in the door and BAM it's on! These 5 volumes hit you like that. But the couple is so cute! I love their dynamic. Yeah... Good stuff here. Buy it, you won't regret it!
This was such a cute series!! I wish it had been longer, but even though it was short it didn't feel rushed. Yes things started very quickly, but there was enough story that you still get a feel for the growing relationship between the two. I also really like how the "hunger" portrayed has more meaning to it than you'd expect. The art is not great, but good, and the smexy parts are really well done. Definitely worth it!
Ok, so I really liked this series! It's short (which is why only 4 stars), but I found it really funny! I like how the ML is kind of a jerk but really cares, and becomes so possessive of the FL. But I'm a fan of an aggressive ML. This is the typical "inexperienced FL getting caught up in an aggressive ML's advances". But I will say that she does hold her own against him, but she also can't deny the carnal craving! Lol! Also, I don't think he's a real jerk, he's just blunt and over the whole "prince charming" guy thing. I can see how some wouldn't like this, but I really enjoyed it!! Plus, I can SO relate to being manga obsessed and infatuated with 2D manga men!! Lol! That was the best part of this!
MY HEART!!!!! OMG, this is SOOOOO CUTE!!!! The other reviewers have it right! Totally HOT, but even MORE cute!!! I love that it's a different take on the Omegaverse with the Alpha being so "normal". But this is a gem of adorable cuteness!! It will make you giggle, LOL, squeal, and all the amazing wonderful things that come for super cute adorable fluff!!! Buy it! you won't regret it!!
Wow! What a beautifully tragic love story! Do not read this expecting your sweet or sexy love story. This is a very deep story of love when love cannot exist because of the status quo. Yet despite that, it is a love story; one with pain, a deep unspoken love, and a bittersweet end that felt....right. It is beautifully drawn and VERY well written. This is one of the best books I've read on Renta!. I wish there was more like this.
This is such a cute series! I love it so far!! I gave it 4 starts only because I feel like the story could've been elaborated/grown more and it does seem to go a bit fast. But overall I really like the characters, plot, and the sexy scenes are great! A second story about a new couple has started, and so far I like it. I hope the story progresses well because I feel like there could/should be some depth there. All in all this is a great find! Try it out! You won't regret it!!
Ok, wow. This took a turn I did not expect. I thought this would be an interesting story about a straight guy falling for a gay guy and becoming "addicted" to his touch in that "I'm so in love with you" way. Nope!! Without giving too much away, this got dark and unnerving. Very stalker-obsession-crazy unnerving. Can't decide if I'll keep reading it, but beware if you don't like stalker-level obsession and unhealthy relationship dynamics. Like, I want to know what happens.... But at the same time, I just dont want to read it because of how disturbing it's gotten.
Ok, so I'm current with the series as of volume 31 and I'm addidcted!! Yes, it does have a fast pace but what I love is that we still get a good story regardless of that. I love all the characters, and liked them more with each chapter. Even with the fast pace and constant story arc changes, I couldn't stop reading. I read all 31 volumes in one sitting because I had to know what was coming next. It's a light read with decent story, great art, and enjoyable characters. There's not a lot of sexy scenes, and the ones we get are a bit quick paced, but I didn't mind that. To me, this is well worth the price for a good read and very enjoyable!
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