User Reviews For: The Sinful Evening Affair with the Butler


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Whaaaa!!!! So scandalous! So depraved! So tragic!! I love it!!! Little Miss Goody Two Shoes is in for a rude awakening. Her childhood love (one-sided it would seem) is back in her life, but she's promised to another. Only her fianc辿 doesn't want her pure. Enter a whole lot of training. With a whole lot of mens. Including her first love? This ends on a pretty hot and bit curious cliffhanger. Well played. I'll be back.
Itoehime Rating
Short but "action packed" (wink).
Majala Rating
"Recommended read" but neither the artwork nor the "plot" are to my taste ... just a framework for abuse - very weak initial chapter and will not continue
PicklePleakly Rating
Ok so far. More chapters would be fine
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