User Reviews For: The Sinful Evening Affair with the Butler


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Whaaaa!!!! So scandalous! So depraved! So tragic!! I love it!!! Little Miss Goody Two Shoes is in for a rude awakening. Her childhood love (one-sided it would seem) is back in her life, but she's promised to another. Only her fianc辿 doesn't want her pure. Enter a whole lot of training. With a whole lot of mens. Including her first love? This ends on a pretty hot and bit curious cliffhanger. Well played. I'll be back.
Majala Rating
"Recommended read" but neither the artwork nor the "plot" are to my taste ... just a framework for abuse - very weak initial chapter and will not continue
PicklePleakly Rating
Ok so far. More chapters would be fine
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