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Whims44 Rating
A pretty interesting anthology with some really fantastic art to go along with it. It's very lewd and it's absolutely wonderful in that respect. Some stories in here hit it off just right but some missed the mark. That's entirely subjective, what one may like another won't. I wish some of the stories went on longer. Overall, it was worth the points and met my expectations for a nice mixture of cuteness and smut.
Jedirenagade Rating
First off, this is an anthology with 7 stories and is around 200 pages. Basically, the stories are short. The first story was cute and the other stories have different themes. If you are looking for a quick read with different types of stories I do recommend this. The art is great and while all the stories weren't up my ally it is nice to have different types of stories in one sitting especially if you prefer anthologies. However, if you like stories with a lot of detail and depth this probably isn't for you.
Containedbac Rating
A quick, easy to read anthology! Lovely and lewd art, very cute characters made me pleased to have bought this, even without any deep plot. I'd recommend this if you're a fan of straightforward manga and don't mind a kind of shallow read
Hisoka88 Rating
Art was good, however I wasn't expecting so many short stories and thought it would just be of the 1 main story in the title. Short stories felt a little bit rushed, so did the main story.
Aquagreen029 Rating
First of all, the art was just beautiful and really captivating! Even though the stories were very short and brief, they each were able to convey their own theme and end with a happy note, which is what we all like to read, plus the smut and lewdness included. I really enjoyed this work and look forward to more future reads!!
xxalisonxx Rating
First story was way too short, other stories are boring and not worth the time or money.
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