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Cram Rating
Simply sweet.
missbecks Rating
Cute and doesn't waste any time
One thing that makes me go "hah?" is the cover design. At a glance, the design gives me a telling that the story will be bittersweet and the title doesn't help either but it's actually not that at all! After reading the story, I took another look at the cover and now I get this "gentle love" vibe and can't help but feel fuzzy inside (reading too much into a cover design now, I know, sheesh). Innocent love story, YES! Awkward, only Takaya thinks so, lol. Takaya and Kanda are just too cute. I love Kanda - he's an adorable big puppy who's all silly-grinning when Takaya's present. And it's nice to see muscles on the characters - omg Y E S. What I would have liked to see/read was how Takaya came to realize who Kanda was because [SPOILER!!!] you would think he would have remember Kanda's name from the get-go since both were in the same baseball club for a year. Hmm. Ah, the ending is totally cute! Kanda's a total big puppy, confirmed, haha.
GregorIAN Rating
This is adorable. - and I love it.
akaneko Rating
While the story is short and simple, it is very warm and wholesome. The more times I read it, the more I understand the reasoning behind the characters' actions. I personally find them realistic and relatable.¶The art is also nice. I especially liked the characters' facial expressions, as well as their physiques.
Linnea112 Rating
I noticed this one because of its cover art, hoping that the story would be somewhat similarily gentle.I'm really glad I did - the artwork is slightly soft and the story is a sweet one about two guys connected by their history with baseball. A really happy read, imho.
DaniellaRomantic Rating
Cute and romantic
yanderezaf Rating
it's a soft and cute story <3
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