User Reviews For: An Animal in the Dark -Whose Fault Is It If I Change?


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animebasedres Rating
Content warning: dubcon (basically noncon)
enfantqq Rating
Oh mygod! This is so hot!! The art is good and story is quite interesting too.
cohen5483 Rating
Dub-con it is, especially with the male MC's best friend. Zero development from ch 1 to 2 and they just go right into it. I mean, there was no mention that the brother was actually the brother until chapter 2. It was literally implied with no intro's. Best friend, the hell is wrong with you? I don't get why the female MC keeps referring to the male MC as a sadist - at one point I thought that might of been the title of the series but he really just turns into a sex fiend, that's all. You know what these two can do, get a remote control light switch lol...
lyre Rating
The premise was really promising if you're into dubcon (basically noncon) as another reviewer here stated. But the story took a ridiculous leap forward in the second chapter. There was no development at all and it comes off as jarring and stilted. I'd only buy yourself the first chapter and fill in the rest on your own.
Uchiha94 Rating
Story was a bit lacking. With more it could have been very well done. Art was great however! Soo 3/5
trashinista Rating
The concept is interesting, I guess, but it's a little strange that the persona he developed (as a child) to combat his fear the the dark is mostly just...horny? Like...I guess it's better than being scared but also, what? Art is really good tho.
Kwangkeol Rating
This is one have cute story
kaitlinpls Rating
Enjoying it so far!
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Wooaa! I like this Manga it is hot and kinda bipolar himself
none Rating
Quite interesting
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