User Reviews For: The Broke Girl and the Horny Puppy's Housing Situation


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Otometrash Rating
I really enjoyed this series and I love the characters so much!! I felt for the heroine when the grand life in the city she was hoping for, as a girl from the country, wasn't as she expected because she just ends up just trying to make ends meet (#relatable). I like how she is headstrong and seeking a life for himself and is not just doing what others is telling her to do. I also really like the love interest as he is very cute and genuinely loves her. I understand how people may find her cold by pushing the male away, but he legit just showed up in her home and said that he was going to get her pregnant so, I understand why she was gross out at first. However, their romance is progressing and I cant wait to see how it goes.
Capitulate Rating
The male lead Ryo is of the adorably innocent, ardent, and dedicated variety. He's loved the heroine his whole life and has never refrained from telling her so. His single-minded devotion and earnestness alone are doki doki enough. He's also really attractive. The only type of male protag I like more is the equally devoted, but super serious, super-competent type, so I really wanna like this. I just find this heroine a bit irritating, even though I'm typically fairly tolerant of heroines. She seems really shallow, frivolous, and insensitive. The story opens with her lamenting how her 'dream' of a glamorous life in the big city had been so different from her reality of meager living and office drudgery. Just a little while later she's belittling and making fun of her childhood friend's 'dream' of one day having a 'pure' romance with her. I couldn't help thinking she doesn't deserve him the whole time. The racy scenes are fair. I assume Manatsu will get her act together.
KotoniCorgi Rating
cute story but the FL is dumb RIP
BMorgan Rating
3 stars because it is taking so long to continue
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