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Main story is alright, it unfolds Masa's feelings and enlightment to Yuusei's love. Just as the title states, little cousin is pushy but not overbearingly so. Yuusei pushes just enough to get his way with Masa ;). Second story is all about sex. Author threw in the word love but it's not helping. Ex-delinquent uke might have smell fetish since he becomes unstable and horny after he gets a whiff of seme's scent. Honestly, the "ex-delinquient" labeling was unnecessary. Author may have felt that it was necessary to distinguish uke's and seme's characteristics but I think it's pointless. Would have loved one more full chapter of Masa and Yuusei.
Ren Rating
If I could, I would leave 4.5 stars! Super cute story and I wish there was more of the main cover couple!! This manga is definitely like..“classic type” of yaoi trope(s) if you get what I mean, so fair warning about that. But, the art is cute and simple and this is an easy read. I'm not disappointed that I decided to buy and download it :-)
LMonster2 Rating
This is super cute series. I loved how they're from cousins brothers to lovers. Both stories were so good!
Hyranin Rating
Wanted more of the main couple, felt like if there was more chapters, would have been more development :D Overall a fun read, with contrasting personalities
shazza Rating
I love this story
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