User Reviews For: The Beast Waits to Take His Prey -His Blue Eyes Completely Expose Me-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I like it! I like that Kasumi is such a strong independent woman. Yes she's totally inexperienced in love, but whatever. She's bit of a spitfire. Dylan is casually charming. But he's a sneaky one I say. Pretty much blackmailing Kasumi to be his nude model. But I really want to see where this goes. Love the art. The pacing is good and it's a bit refreshing.
bunniefufu Rating
It was good in the beginning but reading the new chapter (5), everything feels choppy. I don't mind rushing depending the feel of the book but in that chapter (5), the read was way too off and way too
Kelloges Rating
Not really my cup of tea. Most likely will not buy the next chapter. It felt quite choppy and did not flow and the I found that the mouths were drawn quite weird. Especially the male lead in the last few pages.
ZsadistRaven Rating
There really isn't much to this story, unfortunately. The art work is decent enough, but the actual story is pretty lacking. The main characters don't have any depth while the pace of the story is too fast without any development. Plus it ends in a pretty poor way. It's an okay read, but overall not one I'd recommend.
Mangareader Rating
The art slowly degresses and the guys personality switches into overly eager mode way too fast withough enough character development. This story could have been beautiful and a little steamy but it just felt kind of abrupt.
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