User Reviews For: Don't Expose My Dark Past! -An Elite Businessman and a Former Idol-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ohhh poor Miyu! Had her dreams of stardom dashed with the ugliness of the underbelly of the industry she so wanted to be apart of. I hate that!!! I like this mangaka. I like the art. The story pacing is pretty good. Mr. Shiga is so funny. It's pretty obvious he's into her, but we don't realize how much until the end of this chapter. I wonder if he's related to someone in the industry too? Need the next chapter!!!
Yahiko03 Rating
Don't think I will be finishing this manga. Can't stand the obsessed fan girl thing and the female sleeps around just because she think that's all she can do to help save something or someone. Come on, she's 30 already and she still don't get it.
Geekshic Rating
The first chapter is a touch misleading the 2nd one really shows you what these amazing and fun characters are all about. I was skeptical at first but stubborn as I am I soldiered on to the next and am so glad I did. It is such a sweet story filled with humor and a gentle kind of love. The Female lead is so much more and same with the male lead im very happy to continue reading this cute story with such a fun awkward love,
mekamdan Rating
It's so cute!! The main male character is so freaking cute. I love the way the plot is going, and I love the main characters
UsaPyon Rating
I already read this one on the Japanese site so I'll try to write this review without spoiling anything
Aneta Rating
really good ^^
obaachan24 Rating
I like this manga thus far. Reiji is such a sweetheart and Miyu is soo adorable. I'm rooting for this couple and I'm also glad they're dealing with their past traumas head on. So far I don't trust Reiji's older brother or Ayane's brother or Ayane. Something'snit right with those two. I don't know, we'lljust have to wait and see!!!!
Mangareader Rating
This is exactly what I like for in this type of manga. The characters have beautiful facial expressions, there's a depth of character and moments that will make your heart beat in anticipation. I really hope it doesn't become love triangle-y later on but I really really like how realistic and down to earth the characters feel. Also small chest clique over here giving a high five to manga like this ??
bananaheaven1991 Rating
Funny and sexy.
songkim2020 Rating
Men blackmailing the heroine for sex to 'keep' their comp afloat doesnt feel romantic at all.
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