User Reviews For: Even Dirty Manga Artists Deserve a Little Love!


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Weeb4Life Rating
Very simple, compact and self-contained, short and pretty darn adorable. It just really bothers me how (SPOILER!!) the guy knew about her little secret from the start and didn't say anything about it, despite how obviously sensitive and insecure she was about it! Instead he teases her! During sex! That's so mean! The embarrassment of the situation makes me cringe and die a tiny bit inside. It all worked out perfectly in the end, but the guy still could've handled things a bit more delicately, especially considering how stressed and worked up our poor nerdy MC got. It could be a case of YMMV, so maybe this won't bother you, in which case you might fully enjoy this sweet and cute little piece.
PassionDevourer Rating
That was really cute.
cohen5483 Rating
Everything takes place within the day and it was pretty thorough, no plot holes yet? The couple is kind of cute.
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