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ebookrenta0iqj5ubyl Rating
The bullying is too mean to be hot :(
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ok I'm in the minority here, but I love it!!! Arts great! So expressive. The guys are all mysterious, especially the president of the club. I love the main bully, Yuya. I hope hope hope that this isn't a full RH and she only ends up with him. I want more backstory on the guys now. Yeah it perpetuates everything that's wrong with our society, but I'm messed up so it's right up my alley. More please!!!!
Minnie689 Rating
Granted there is bullying in this manga, by both potential love interest (I feel a triangle may happen). However, I don't agree with the other reviews as in the years I have been renting from RENTA, I have seen WAY worse bullying on this site with those stories having 4-5 star ratings... The art and plot (so far 1 chapter in) are good and deserve credit for that. MC is not a huge pushover or has a weak character as some of these MC on this site. If you are looking for a Sweet Shojo where all characters blush at holding hands then this is not for you... This story is tagged Spicy and Sadistic for a reason... NOT SWEET... I think this has potential for a decent story in what it is tagged for... I don't normally write reviews but I had to as the previous ones I feel does this manga a disservice. If later on the potential fades I will consider lowering my review.
kissanime Rating
this is just straight up bullying and sexual assault if i was the heroine i would quit the school immediately forget your parents fiances this is a situation where the needs of the few outweighs the needs of the manyno one needs a scholarship so desperately that it costs them all dignity and self respect
Sighz Rating
Vaguely makes me think Ouran High School Host Club. In that 1 poor girl, multiple rich boys & a scholarship.Art is well done. Story is not in-depth or detailed but still good. Worth the funds for a quick, easy read.
Troll9237 Rating
Too short! But very satisfying and funny. Would totally watch an anime version of this.
Risuna Rating
This story is so amazing & funny, I recommend it to everyone. The reviews about the bullying are all wrong. They really should of read the 2nd chapter. The ending is perfect.
Slinky Rating
Art style is ok. Feels like it has all developed a bit too quickly. Attempts at non-con. Despite title it's not a m辿nage.
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