User Reviews For: The Way Kizuki Loves Me Is Totally Wrong -He Kisses Me, Touches Me, Then Worships Me!?-


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Sittinadzra08 Rating
OhMYYYY!! I like independent woman and such a hardworking character and wow the male lead is sooo freaking damn hot without sunglasses , Haha both is hot. I love a guy with a sunglasses it's like a nerd but totally hot. Wooo! The story is interesting , the art is good too :) looking forward to the next chapter i hope it's a long chap.
andiekae Rating
This is a cute story if you want those fuzzy romance manga feelings, but a little lacking in spice. The way she falls in love with Kizuki seems a bit rushed to me, and honestly almost like Stockholm Syndrome LOL! But overall it's a pretty good read and well-drawn!
Ladypuu19 Rating
I really love this story. The moments between both characters are heated & sensual. Yes he's a stalker, lol, but it's a first love sorta thing. It's a great read.
ebookrenta0uf5ojfzy Rating
Nice art, but too many creepy moments
ebookrenta07hnft3ec Rating
Out of all the ones I read this one is my favorite so far.
Meikee Rating
Art is pretty but the story moves wayyy too fast, it's confusing at first too. I didn't enjoy this as much as I wish I did because the female lead is not strong and has low self esteem and the main guy is too pushy even by stalking her she falls for him... creepy.
HishamXNadzra Rating
Damn it! I'm melting with these manga
Liljunie Rating
Hahaha omg I'm cracking up at this first episode. I love dorky heroines and heroes. Can't wait for updates
Vegal88 Rating
Amazing! I love this so much!!!
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