User Reviews For: My Boyfriend's a Famous Actor [Renta! Special Edition]


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naniaquien Rating
It's pretty cute even though it starts with dubcon.
Skaenund Rating
So sweet and fluffy....not to mention bi representation ??? love to see it.
Lunaivette Rating
I loved this manga so much! The art was amazing, but Nanako's art is just amazing! If you love quick and funny yaoi this is for you.
hushsee Rating
It was really cute! Like there was Dubcon in the beginning, but it was really cute!! I love the art a lot and those two just so so cute
HeySayJeskuh Rating
The points you spend is well worth it! The preview pages doesn't give this manga justice; the artwork gets better by ch2/3 :) The only reason I'm rating this a
Lindina Rating
One of my new favorite stories.
Hexerus Rating
Pretty standard "actor has to keep his private life hidden" story. Yuma fell in love way too fast and out of nowhere. BUT it was cute in the end. Had some particularly cute scenes and lots of smut. I also liked Kei's personality, especially in contrast to Yuma's.
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