User Reviews For: I Chose a Gangster Over God!?


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rwilliams Rating
Smutty and also pretty funny
Milia3691 Rating
It's a good story, however, I think people have a uneducated guess on Who God is and His will for them that love Him. God is love, He never tells us that we can't fall in love and have families. His word say "Be fruitful and multiple." So I don't like the title of this series. Because because a True child of God understands that God is not cruel and that we sometimes go through things that God allows for His purpose and that all things are working for our good, He's intentional, therefore, His children would never choose anyone over Him, because what God has join together in love no man can separate.
0821Fabe Rating
I need new chapters now pls
lkingo15 Rating
It's great keep up the good work
ebookrenta08b4m1t63 Rating
It's starts off a bit rough, but it really goes deep and I enjoy it's complexity.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Wow! I love this manga the art is pretty good the story is really something Haha! I dont care about the non con here i love how it begins. Can't wait for the next chapter deserved a 5 star
jeja Rating
Best manga ever!!!!!! I'm so in love with the leader and the girl as will!!!!!!! I wish they have a happy ending.
Foreversapphire Rating
Usually I like this genre but he was very cruel :( The art drew me in but the story was hard to read because he was so mean.
ebookrenta0wbifnylw Rating
Moreee please
Majala Rating
The barest minimum of a story and sex with a nun. Won-t be reading the second chapter
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